21 Days of AWS using Terraform

Thanks, everyone who was the part of my earlier journey

100 Days of DevOps

21 Days of Docker

Starting from November 10, I am starting a Program, 21 Days of AWS using Terraform and the main idea behind this is to spend at least one hour of every day for next 21 days in Sharing AWS knowledge using terraform and then share progress via

Looking forward for you guys to join this journey.

In addition to that, I am going to host 5 meetups whose aim is to build the below architecture.

  • Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/100daysofdevops
  • Day1(Nov 10): Introduction to Terraform https://www.meetup.com/100daysofdevops/events/266192294/
  • Day 2(Nov 16): Building VPC using Terraform
  • Day 3(Nov 17): Creating EC2 Instance inside this VPC using Terraform
  • Day 4(Nov 23): Adding Application Load Balancer and Auto-Scaling to the EC2 instance created on Day 3
  • Day5(Nov 24): Add Backend MySQL Database and CloudWatch Alarm using Terraform

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    1. Hi Ramesh

      Slack link is already present in the invite, anyways I invited you, please let me know in case of any issue.


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